Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Amelia!

Today was Amelia's 8th birthday. To celebrate it we decided to bring in the celebration "New Years Style" with a party last night at 11:30. Allison made muffins and Rachel brought donuts. Then after many VERY joyful songs of Happy Birthday (lol) and a few spankings later, Emma finally got to dive into her gifts. It was a great time and another reminder that our family is so blessed to have such an abundance of love and support. I love these women who have given of themselves to love me and my family and also have invested in the lives of my children. Rachel, Allison and Shawnda--our lives will never be the same because we know you. We love you and appreciate you and think you're awesome!!!!

Birthday muffins made by Aunt Allison

All the awesome presents!

Goldilocks...wearing the hair and tiara that Rachel & Shawnda bought her.

"Aunt" Shawnda

"Aunt" Rachel

"Aunt Allison"

Amelia & Madelaine with their stuffed dogs that Aunt Allison bought them.


Allison said...

Awwww, happy birthday, Emma!! Aunt Allison loves having nieces to love and spoil and hang out with!!!

Shawnda Lee said...

I love my babies!! But you seriously need to warn a sista before you start using nasty pictures on your blogs!! Love you anyway!

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