Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Every year I think I might get a fancy new scheme for my tree with beautiful new ornaments that all coordinate and are a certain color….

but then I think about all of the ornaments that I’ve known basically my whole life…

and I just can’t do it.

There are ornaments from my grandparents tree,  my mothers tree, and from every year that my children have been alive.

There are so many that I can’t fit them all on here…

crosses made from pieces of pasta, cut-out construction paper with pictures of my kids on them, ornaments engraved with the names & birth dates of every member of our family…

My Christmas tree is a timeline of my life and I can’t imagine it being any other way.


Mom, how old is this ornament?  1940’s?  50’s?


And these glass bells?  I’m thinking the 30’s or 40’s?

The gold ornament on the left my mom gave me one of my first Christmases away from home.


made by my grandpa


crocheted by my Great Grandma



I made this when I first learned to cross-stitch.  I was 14, so that was 1987.


This one’s getting old and wrinkly, but I made this when I was nine years old in 1982.


The horse on the right, my grandma made in the early 80’s

and the train is one my mom made for one of the kids in the 90’s.


My mom made for me in 2006.


And one of her newest contributions from this year.

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Anonymous said...

Your tree looks great! I am with you, leave it like it is. When the kids are grown and take their ornaments with them, then you can change it.....

As for the age of the ornaments, all I can tell you is I am from the 50's and they were on our tree as long as I can remember (and probably many years before that!)

Love ya, Mom

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