Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Eve

New Years Eve,
I hung out at Chelli & Dewey's house.
It was pretty low-key due to Dewey having been sick all week,
so it was just us there.
I invited one of my oldest friends to come over since he is
newly single and didn't have anything going on.
No one should be alone on New Years!

So we hung out and played UNO.
We (and by we, I mean mostly I) drank A LOT of sangria,
and then Michelle turned on the karaoke.
We laughed our butts off and just hung out.
It was a really great evening & I had a blast. :)

The kids were all at their various friends houses
& had a great time as well.


Courtney & Darren were at one of their dads parties.

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