Sunday, September 12, 2010


The creative bug has been biting at me lately
& so today, Emma & I spent the afternoon
doing a little creating.

I worked on two things.
I found this AWESOME little pineapple lamp at Goodwill.
The minute I saw it, I thought "TURQOISE!"
I've just been in a turquoise mood lately.

So here it is,
turquoise with a little brown to age it some.
I will put a better picture of it once I find a little lampshade for it.
Do you know how hard those are to find?
So far, very hard.

Next I was in the mood to make something quirky & whimsical.


Allison said...

Love the "BE" painting!! It's so you!! :)

Barbara said...

Great job girls! Love it all - isn't it fun to "make" stuff?

Love you lots, Mom (Grandma)

Barbara said...

totally forgot to say - WOW! those sure are bright colors for my "clear loving" girl! ;)

Love you, Mom

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