Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fall in a box....

I received a big box in the mail today.

Imagine my surprise when I opened it
and found that it was full of fall!!!

Allison was thinking of me and sent me a box full of fall foliage
that she & Jon picked from the park,
and filled it with little bits of love.
There was an encouraging card,
a bag full of her famous brownies,
and I thought that was all,
but then Emma said,
"Wait!  There's something else down in the bottom!"

Down in the bottom of the box,
we found a tiny little wrapped present...
and in it was an
"I Love You More"
sign with a message on the back that made me cry.

This was probably the best package I've ever received.
She's my oldest friend,
and she knows my heart the best.

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