Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baptism day!

Today was baptism day at church,
and so five of our family decided to take the plunge!

(Howie, Amy, Brandon, Emma & Sebastian)

They set up two big pools in the front of the auditorium
because there are so many people that will be getting baptized
this weekend.

Luckily, our Pastor Greg's health was good enough that he was able to
participate and do some of the baptizing himself.
And also luckily, I picked the line that led to his pool! :)
Nothing against the other pastors,
I just think he's a special man of God and I feel blessed
that he could baptize our kids.

They let you get baptized together if you're with someone
special to you, so Seb & Brandon were together,
Amy & Emma were together,
and Howie was with one of his football buddies.

It was dark in there,
so some of the pictures aren't that great,
but they're not too bad.

Waiting in line while the praise team played great music.

Paul had casually invited his childhood friend Terry
that he had seen recently,
and he came to show his support.
(And then he took us all out to lunch afterwards...
we like him already!)

 Look at the smile on Seb's face.
I love it!

This video isn't the best quality,
but after the kids had their turns,
we went back to our seats to
watch all of the other people getting baptized.


Allison said...
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Allison said...

P.S. I just love modern technology that allows me and others who love you and your family to share in the joy in such a visbile way even across the miles :)

Allison said...

Baptisms are one of my all time favorite things!!!! I'm so happy for little Emma as she takes this important step in her Christian walk!!! And how cool that you and Paul were able to share such a special moment as you watched your children get baptized together!!! Congratualations to all. God is so good!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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