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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

Happy 11th Birthday Amelia!!!

Today was a great day
Emma celebrated her 11th birthday,
some before church and some after church.

Paul found an awesome new bakery and
picked up a yummy red velvet cake
& some cupcakes for her
(red velvet is her favorite).

Lots of gifts,
and lots of pink!

Her favorite thing to do....

"Can I play with your hair?"

It's one of her favorite things to say...
and one of my favorite things to hear!

Courtney visits New Orleans....

And THESE are the only pictures she has taken!!!
(Besides those of her and a boy that I saw on FB)
These are of her and her childhood friend Kelsey.

Happy 14th Birthday Maddie!

Maddie didn't want a party this year,
but guess what?

I think in the long run she'll be grateful that she did.
And I know she's grateful for the Taylor Swift guitar book!

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