Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And Grandpa....

Courtney and Grandpa swinging
Harker Heighter, TX 1993

Throughout my first picture-scanning marathon,
I noticed that I was doing a lot of typing of the words
"and grandpa"
(Courtney and grandpa, Darren and grandpa, etc),
or some variation thereof.
I think Grandma was busy taking a lot of the pictures,
so she wasn't in many.

Even though I'm only a tenth of the way through the scanning process,
one of the blessings that I have been reminded of
is that my kids have all had the presence of a faithful,
loving, engaged Grandpa in their lives from day one.

I'm grateful for him.

Grandpa teaching Courtney to shave

Courtney and Grandpa at the fair

Courtney & Grandpa at the zoo

Grandpa keeping Courtney warm

Grandpa helping Darren & Courtney swim

Darren & Grandpa on the 4 wheeler

Courtney & Grandpa on the 4 wheeler

Darren & Grandpa playing with hair clips
playing soccer

Trying to convince Maddie not to be afraid of the bunny

Courtney and Grandpa 2010


Allison said...

Grandpas are the best!!! :)

Dory Babe =] said...

that's awesome :) thank God for wonderful grandpas!

Barbara said...

Wow! It was fun seeing those again and he is a good grandpa and loves every minute of it....and yes I am always behind the camera.

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