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Happy New Years 2012!

Happy New Years!!! :)
It was a pretty low-key evening for us.
Paul has been suffering from a cold for a few days,
and his kids had to go back to their mom's for the night,
and Maddie was going to a friends house....
So, it was just a simple, quiet New Years.

We started by going to church.
It was an awesome service and really fun.
They had a DJ in the lobby spinning tunes while we waited to get in.
People were dancing and conga lines formed.
How fun!

I LOVE that we go to a church that preaches the word of God
AND isn't afraid to play some Vanilla Ice in the lobby!

After the service, we headed home to chill out and watch the ball drop.
Emma and I played some connect 4,
and some Operation...
Then we watched the ball drop,
kissed Happy New Years,
toasted with some sparkling grape juice,
and went outside to let off poppers, do sparklers, and blow our horns.

It was a great evening with the people I love and
I can't wait to see what good things God is going to do in 2012!

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