Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrating 100 years of the Girl Scouts!

The other day, Emma's Girl Scout troop got to march in a parade
and to celebrate the Girl Scouts of America turning 100 (yay!!),
their troop was chosen to be allowed to wear the antique uniforms out of the museum.

Isn't that cool???

Emma's uniform was from 1950,
I honestly can't remember what year Amy's brownie uniform was from,
but one of the girls was wearing one from 1912!

What an awesome privilege and honor to wear these uniforms!
And what an important organization for our young girls.
I am proud to say that I was a girl scout for many years as all of my girls have been.

Because they were the ones representing the Scouts, they were also the color guard
and got to march first in the parade.

Here's to many more years of educating, entertaining and rounding-out our girls!

There was some debate about how to wear her hat.
We even googled it and it was supposed to be worn like this.
It wasn't quite the beret style yet and so it sat on top of the head.


Allison said...

Awww!!! That's so cool. I love seeing the old uniforms!!

Barbara said...

Great pics! Tell the girls they did a great job and I love the uniforms.

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