Tuesday, March 13, 2012

House in progress....

So I finally got around to taking some pictures today,
and I was so frustrated that they weren't turning out good.
I couldn't figure out why the quality was so junky & grainy.

Then at the very end,
I realized that it was set on the wrong setting &
then I was too lazy to retake all of them.

here are some pictures of the house.
There are still a few boxes and things here & there,
but it's coming along.

I took pics from several angles in most rooms so that you could get the feel of the place.

This one up top is the view from the front door.
In a good picture you would see a very pretty view of the pool and flowers.

This is the front living room where the kids like to hang out and play x-box,
and where the family computer is.

the little hall leading to the guest bath & laundry room...

messy closet....


Dodi said...

Looks good. Can't help but notice how we have similar taste in things. Several items looks like I have the same. Tickles me.
Question, did you antique anything? (like the dark shelve) I'm about to attempt antiquing or doing a crackle finish on an old corner cupboard. Any advice? Love ya

veronica said...

Do you mean the black bookshelf in the hallway? I just painted it black and distressed it in a few areas with sandpaper. I've done a lot of antiquing and distressing to other things too though.

Allison said...

I love seeing pictures of your house! No matter where you are living, I can always spot the "veronica items" that have been with you all along the way. The duck, the grey bench, the signs on the wall, your corner cabinet, your heart jewelry holder, etc. It always look so "you" :)

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