Sunday, May 27, 2012

Even in paradise pools turn green!

Things don't always look this beautiful in paradise!
We learned the hard way that pools break
and that pools turn green!

First, we noticed that the filter wasn't working right and that there
was always this layer of soot on the bottom of the pool.
And the pool wasn't quite sparkling like it used to.
Then it started to get worse... and worse... and worse...
until it was straight up green.

By the time we convinced the landlord that there was something seriously wrong with the pool
& that the current pool company was not taking care of it, 
it moved beyond green into some serious swamp territory!

But eventually, they hired a new pool company,
and they had to completely drain the pool & fix all the 
broken pieces & parts that the other pool company had neglected
in order to get it working properly again.
Then they scrubbed it sparkly clean & refilled it.

Now it's all ready to go & perfect again!


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