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Friday, February 15, 2013

Las Vegas 2013....

We recently took a quick trip up to Las Vegas.
It was a rough trip because within two days prior to leaving,
Howie broke his thumb and had to have his arm casted,
and Emma severely sprained her ankle and had to wear an air cast and have crutches.
We had previously found good deals on some rooms and picked these dates to go
and paid for the weekend, so we HAD to go, or forfeit our money,

But poor Emma!  She had the worst of it.  And really, we didn't get to do much because really,
how much walking on the strip can a little girl do on crutches? 
So we'll have to go again when it's A) WARMER!!! and B) We have no injuries.

We hit some snow somewhere around Wikieup, AZ. Paul & his kids were loving it and wanted to get out and see what it was like because they aren't used to that at all, but my kids weren't nearly as impressed. lol  Maddie wouldn't step foot out of the van and mess up her shoes (as you can see).  When I forced her to take part in the picture, she just popped her head out. Ha!

Okay, this is the BEST! LOL All Emma wanted to do was ride the roller coaster at the New York New York.  So, we managed to get her up there.  They wouldn't let Howie on because of his permanent cast (or on the zip lines at Freemont St.  Bummer!), but they let her on since hers was removable.  Anyways, she was all, "I'm not afraid of this coster..." blah blah blah.  This was the BEFORE picture.  Ready for the AFTER?  

She's going to hate me forever for posting this on the internet,
but it's just so funny!

 It was Chinese New Year when we were there and there were performances to celebrate this all over the place.

This is the last few minutes of the Chinese New Year celebration at Treasure Island.


Broken thumb....

Bella's making lunch!

Thread the spaghetti through the hot dogs...

 All done & ready to eat!

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