Saturday, July 26, 2014

Natural History Museum, 2014...

The museum was very interesting with all of its old dinosaur bones and what-not,
but the most fun part was gold-panning.

We've panned often (mostly at home), but this was fun for the kids.

Above is the only picture remaining of the many that I took
in the territorial jail cells from the 1800's (or most of the museum).

I took this with my phone, then took several others with my camera...
then my whole camera freaked out and everything erased.
I got a message asking if I would like to format my memory card,
and everything was gone and the camera refused to stay on.

I guess the ghosts like to mess with cameras!

Can you believe they have a PHONE BOOTH in the museum?
With instructions on how to work the rotary dial!


They also had an electric typewriter.



They each picked up a geode from the gift shop,
and came home and smashed it with a hammer to see how pretty they are inside
(don't worry, they were supposed to do that).


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