Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sedona 2014...

Can you EVER get tired of looking at Sedona?

Seriously, it is the MOST beautiful and awe-inspiring place I have
ever been to in my life.

I even think we are going to get married there...

But anyways,
Allison and John brought Jacob out for his first visit to Aunt Soapie,
and we had a great week (see here...).

One of the best things we did was go to Sedona for the day.
And it didn't disappoint!
It was just as special as it always is.

Oh, and I like to take photography of things other than the red-rocks,
and I was also teaching Amy to do this (she loves photography),
so please just humor us with all of the other shots. :)

Hitting the road!

Jacob was kind of over riding in the car all that time.

Self-portrait entitled: "Thirteen"

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