Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Congratulations Sebastian!

Seb got great news this week!!!

He has been recruited by several colleges in the past few months,

but this week he committed to New Mexico State University

with a full-ride scholarship for FIVE years!

He will be an offensive lineman. 

That is HUGE news!

So, we traveled to the college to tour and get to know the athletic staff. 

It was a wonderful experience,

And these seem like really good people. 

Watching Sebastian walk onto the massive field for the first time. 

(You can tell the Arizona boy in the back wearing shorts!)

He has a big future on this field. 

Horrible picture, but we were so excited! 

He's so big that they didn't have a jersey to fit him yet! 

And can you believe they plan to get him WAY bigger? 

I mean like another 80 pounds of muscle bigger! 

He won't be recognizable in a year. 

A college student only has four year of eligibility,

Which is why they give them five year scholarships. 

They can finish their bachelors degree, start working on their masters,

plus take the whole first year to simply bulk up 

and get to where the coaches want them. 


"Guns up Aggies!"

Seb signing his official acceptance paperwork

on the morning of the NCAA signing day. 

So proud of him!

1 comment:

Allison said...

That's so cool!!! And a huge answer to prayer!!! God has provided in such a big way!!!! So So So Awesome!!! Congratulations Seb!!!! :)

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