Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sedona 2015...

As you know,
Sedona is our favorite place.

This year, Grandma Barb, Maddie,
and her boyfriend Robby were here to go with us too.


 Recreating a picture from when she was younger

 Recreating their famous "Titanic pose" lol

(*quiet voice*... Oh, and my sweet baby granddaughter is in their too ;) )

8th Grade Graduation...

Congratulations Emma!

Emma and her best friend Angel.

 Maddie and her boyfriend Robby

Doing the "Howie smile" lol

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Old videos...

Awww, I found this old video from 2009 (maybe early 10, but I think 09).

I miss having Courtney home with me.

I love her.


And then I found this one of Emma being a dork. lol

Courtney blowing out her 18th birthday candles. 


8 year old Emma pretending to be a teenager, Maddie pretending to be a Mom, and Courtney fed up in the background and yelling at them.  LMAO  *sister dynamics*

Maddie's first time in Arizona.  She looks so little!

This is how she checks the mail...

West Virginia...



Emma's 8th grade banquet and dance...

It is the end of her middle school career!
She looked so pretty. 






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