Saturday, September 5, 2015


Sebastian has made the position of second player
(he will go in if someone is injured).

This is a HUGE honor for a freshman!
This is supposed to be his "red-shirt year",
which means he won't be playing.

They want time to bulk him up and refine him
before his next four years of eligible play.
So, them saying he is so good that they are willing to
play him if they need to and forfeit one of his other years
is a big deal!
 He beat out seniors for this position, actually.

Yeah, impressive. :)

This also means that he gets to travel with them to their away games.

This weekend, they traveled to Florida to play the Gators.
They got whooped, but had a great time.

This was his first time to Florida and his first time on a plane too.

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